Comfortable, Neoprene Lined Hobbles

TUFF ENUFF manufactures quality picket hobbles, chain hobbles, and more. Keep your horses, mules, or donkeys safe while giving them the freedom they need to graze.

Chain Hobbles ($40)

These are the ideal choice for anyone that puts durability above all else. The chain hobbles come with a heavy-duty chain and quick links, as well as two picket hobbles.

Picket Hobbles ($15)
 Our picket hobbles are made with 2" premium webbing sewn double and lined with neoprene, as well as 2" heavy stainless steel D-rings for a stakeout.
Three-Way Hobbles ($60)
These hobbles can be used together or separately, depending on the user's needs. They come with chain hobbles, a strap and a third  picket to be used on a back leg.

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